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Raised in a family of mothers, caregivers, healers, and holistic practitioners, it only makes sense that this is my calling. Health and wellness has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. In school, science came easy to me- biology, chemistry, psychology, anatomy. From counseling and coaching friends in my childhood home to studying and working alongside some of the best professionals in the industry, I have fine tuned my ability to guide my clients to long lasting health through nutrition and movement. 


I am an Ayurveda Practitioner, Integrative Nutritionist, Doula, and Yoga teacher. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Special Education and certifications for Ayurveda, Nutrition, Birth Work, Chakra Healing, E-RYT 500 hr, and YACEP. Through experience and studies, I have become an expert in women's health. Let me be your guide on your health journey. 


Family is everything to me. That’s how I was brought up. Both my parents were and still are hardworking people. Though, we were lower-middle class, my father, the breadwinner, always ensured a roof over our head, presents around the holidays, and a table full of food for every meal. My mother, the caregiver, always ensured that the table full of food was homemade, saturated with nutrients and love. My sister and I weren’t allowed to have Fruit Loops for breakfast or microwavable mac and cheese for lunch. My mom didn’t let us eat anything with artificial coloring or flavoring. I remember being jealous of my friends whose pantries were stocked to the top with Lucky Charms, Jolly Ranchers, Blowpops, cheese doodles, Fruit Roll Ups, and Hostess snacks. Now, as an adult, I’m aware that this way of eating and living was a privilege.  I truly believe my sister and I are healthy because the foods we ate and avoided as young children thanks to my mom and our privilege. 

My mother’s parents were immigrants from Italy, her father growing up in a city and her mother on a chestnut farm in the countryside. Because my grandmother grew up on a farm she could not read or write but this did not stop her from being an incredible mother because the most important component in caring for your kin is love. She had plenty of that to give. Her intelligence and wisdom did not come from books but from experiences. She taught my sister and I how to be tough, independent women. (By the way, my great-grandmother was the town’s midwife and also birthed 11 children of her own! It's in my blood to be a birth worker and care for women. It's a big reason as to why I chose to go back to school for midwifery.)

My mom grew up in a holistic home. Her mother and father both dabbled in herbal remedies for healing. When her parents passed away, I found endless texts on herbs, holistic healing, natural remedies, and gardening. If our throat hurt, the answer was garlic. If our stomachs were upset, the answer was ginger.  In my home, when my sister and I would run a fever, my mom would take us to our pediatrician who used a lot of homeopathic techniques. My mom never gave us Motrin, unless our fever broke 101. Our pediatrician advised my mother do this because a low fever is the body’s way of fighting infection. We would take the Motrin when our fever broke 101 to ensure it didn’t spike higher because too high of a fever can be detrimental. All of these techniques and remedies followed me and have yet to fail me which I pass along to my clients. 

I grew up surrounded by loving mothers. Becoming a mother was always something I wanted to do in my life. It’s the reason I went to college for Psychology and Special Education.   While completing my studies in college, I became a certified yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga since 2014 and have since obtained my E-RYT 500 hour certification and am a qualified continuing education provider.  After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I taught grades 1, 2, and 6 and discovered that my true path was to teach yoga and practice holistic health. I decided to round out my education with Ayurveda, an ancient Indian, all encompassing, medical and wellness system.  It took over habits, changed my way of thinking and enhanced my life for the better. Methods that my Italian grandparents had been using were discussed in my Ayurveda classes. This science is in my blood. My deep love for Yoga and Ayurveda birthed my company Yogaveda Health & Healing. And my long lineage of incredible mothers birthed my signature Sow to Seed Program,  my love for being a doula and birth worker, as well as my pursuit to complete midwifery school. 

Though, I do work with people of all genders (binanry and nonbinary), 80% of my clientele are women. From periods to fertility to menopause, I quickly became an expert in all areas of women’s health. Many of these clients are young women looking to prepare themselves for conception by seeking nutrition and health advice. Their biggest concern was the abundance of internet information at our fingertips. What’s right? What’s wrong? What’s best? 


Over time I came to realize that one huge problem facing women was the alarming rate of xenoestrogens, such as sulfates and parabens that they are exposed to everyday through skin and hair care, cleaning products, and even pesticides in our food and water. These xenoestrogens are endocrine system disruptors that inhibit our hormones' functions. Hormones are the messengers of the body and crucial in the time of conception and carrying. Due to the hazards we are faced with in our environment today, I created a vegan, sustainable, all-natural skin care line called earth&water. All ingredients are found in the kitchen and our motto states, “If you can’t eat it, don’t feed it to your skin.” 

Yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, birth support, and skincare are the very components that make this life simpler and happier. Watching my clients achieve the results they once yearned for before working with me is one of the greatest joys of my life.. Because I want you to reach your goals, too, schedule a discovery call with me today, free of charge. Let’s discover if this is right for you.