Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healthcare practice and life science dated back 7,000 years. The medical documents are recorded in Sanskrit, the world's oldest and first known-to-man written language. "Ayur" or "Ayuh" means science. "Veda" means life. “Ayurveda” means the science of life. This science and holistic approach to medicine solely relies on the natural resources the earth provides for us. Ayurveda has the tools to prevent, treat, and cure an imbalance naturally. Using natural and organic products that are affordable and accessible to everyone, Ayurveda has been healing people for thousands of years.  

Though, Ayurvedic practices have proven time and time again to be successful, I only utilize parts of the practice that have been backed by researched-based evidence and modern science. Ayurveda believes that what we digest becomes our strength and what we cannot becomes our weakness. Our inability to digest does not only come from our food and nutrition but from our strength of digestion. When working with clients, I dive deep into the root cause of the issue at hand and develop an individualized and accommodating program that includes movement and nutrition designed for success and long lasting health. All aspects of our being, physical, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual impact our wellness. I take the time to understand the physiological and psychological quality of my clients to better assist them in their journey to optimal health.

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