Doula and Breastfeeding Support 

What's a Doula?

A birth work doula is a professional that provides support, guidance, and comfort to a woman during childbirth, stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and postpartum. Doulas are advocates for mothers during these intense moments of their lives. They are often invited to hospital settings, home births, and sometimes doctors appointments, among other moments a women is in need of their support. 

More specifically, a birth doula meets with a pregnant woman weeks leading up to her delivery to discuss ways to meet her needs. Where will the birth take place? How does the mother plan on delivering her baby? Who will be present during the birth? Will there be music playing? Hospital and home birth logistic, breath work, and ways to cope with sudden changes when things don't go according to plan are just a few ways doulas can support women. From planning, to problem solving, to comfort, birth doulas put the mother's needs first.


A postpartum doula works with women after their delivery, no matter the outcome. Women are in need of much care after a birth experience. Postpartum doulas support the transition from birth to postpartum, infant soothing and feeding, which often includes lactation and breastfeeding, and emotional and physical recovery for mom. They also help with light housework, cooking and preparing nutritious meals for the mother to heal, as well as bring the family together in support of mom and the new baby. 

I am both a birth and postpartum doula who also offers lactation support. This service is included in the Sow to Seed Fertility Program or on it's own as an individual service. To learn more, schedule a discovery call with me today.